The DenPod

My unscripted podcast is called the DenPod. You can find every episode right here on the website, or through your favourite podcast apps. Stay tuned for new episodes every month!

The DenPod is unscripted, and I cover as many topics as I can in a reasonable timeframe. There are many different subjects that come up over the course of a month, and it’s impossible for me to get around to writing a full article or column about all of them! The DenPod gives me the opportunity to talk briefly about some of these topics, and in addition I’m able to discuss in a very different way other subjects that I did cover on the website.

For recording I use a Blue Yeti USB microphone connected to my PC and freeware audio software Audacity. To turn the podcast episodes (and other audio versions of articles) into YouTube videos, I use freeware video editing software DaVinci Resolve.

The first episode of the DenPod was published in July 2021, and I plan to make this an ongoing series, with new episodes coming out on a monthly basis. Episodes can be found on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many other podcasting apps, as well as YouTube. You can also listen to the DenPod right here on the website!